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Rihanna takes legal action against her father for use of family surname

Rihanna takes legal action against her father for use of family surname

Singer, Rihanna has launched legal action against her father, claiming that he has exploited her intellectual property rights by using their family surname.

Rihanna - whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty - is reported to have filed a lawsuit against her father Ronald Fenty.

It is understood that the singer has accused her father of claiming to represent her through his business venture ‘Fenty Entertainment’ and claims that he has ignored several requests not to seek to conduct business on her behalf.

According to the lawsuit, the singer’s father attempted to negotiate a tour deal for his daughter for more than $15million, despite the fact that he was not in any way connected to her business.

The lawsuit also claims that Ronald attempted to trade mark the ‘Fenty’ name despite the fact that Rihanna had already done so when she launched her new cosmetics brand, ‘Fenty Beauty’ in September 2017.

Mark Culbert, iLaw’s Director, said: “In general terms, trade mark infringement relates to the unauthorised use of a trade mark or service mark in connection with goods or services.

“The crucial legal test is whether it is done in a manner that is likely to cause confusion, deception, or mistake amongst customers or consumers.

“Although an individual may feel that they have an inalienable right to use their own surname in any business dealings they are involved with, if the net result is that it is likely to cause confusion to customers, it is likely that this will be contested through the courts by the original owner of the trademark.

“Notwithstanding the argument relating to use of the family name, if a person claims to represent another’s business interests – either as an agent or third party representative – when no written authorisation has been given – then, again in general terms, this conduct may potentially be construed as fraudulent activity.”

“We await the outcome of the Fenty v Fenty dispute with interest but, in the meantime, for the latest legal advice on all aspects of intellectual property, please contact us.”


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