iLaw assists with international sale of UK renewables hedge fund to US investment giant

iLaw assisted the UK fund, which specialises in infrastructure, sustainability and energy transition investing, during the sale by providing advice on a wide range of matters, including complex employee share arrangements.

Matthew Poli, Head of the Corporate Team at iLaw, led the transaction that involved the management and exercise of EMI share options to eligible staff ahead of the final transaction.

Speaking about the success of the deal, Matthew said: “When we were brought in by our clients it was clear that this would be a fantastic opportunity for them to strengthen their existing funds and was useful to the buyers in expanding their international profile through the acquisition of a recognised British hedge fund.

“Having worked in the sector for more than two decades, our client’s team were highly skilled at investing in this area and so it was essential to the new business that this talent was retained post-sale.

“We helped with exercising share options for existing key staff members and assisted with the management of a pool into which these are held during the sale so that they can grow for the benefit of the team.”

Matthew said that share options were an increasingly common feature in modern transactions and while a useful form of remuneration for modern businesses, required additional consideration during a sale.

“We are seeing more and more businesses reward staff with share options, so it is worth seeking professional advice on these during a sale,” he said.