Shareholder Disputes

As trust breaks down, emotions can become heated. Our team understands that even the smallest disputes can quickly accelerate.

In the worst case scenario, these disputes can deadlock otherwise profitable businesses to the extent that they cease to trade.

In the early stages of a dispute, where it is appropriate, one of our accredited mediators can assist with independent commercial mediation.

We act on behalf of majority and minority shareholders, as well as for companies themselves. Our initial advice will almost always be to push for a rapid and sensitive commercial discussion.

At iLaw, we balance our best in class litigation know-how with commercial pragmatism. Our dedicated team of specialist commercial dispute lawyers have extensive experience dealing with an array of shareholder disputes, including:

  • Minority Shareholder disputes
  • Board mismanagement
  • Shareholder deadlock
  • Excessive directors’ salaries
  • Fraud or Dishonesty
  • Director performance
  • Exclusion from business decisions
  • Breach of a Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Directors’ Conflicts of Interest

Ideally, business partners should have a comprehensive agreement which establishes agreed guidelines and pre-empts the most common disputes. However, we understand that most businesses are built on a foundation of trust and goodwill, and shareholders may not consider a pre-emptive agreement to be necessary at the time.

If a dispute becomes litigious, our expert team can act on your behalf and protect your interests.

To book a free consultation with one of our team, contact us at +44 (0)203 9622 230.

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