Employment lawyer responds to no-deal injunction launched by IWGB

Julian Cox, Head of Employment law at iLaw has shared his thoughts on today’s decision by three low paid workers and the IWGB union to challenge efforts to circumvent the Benn Act, which is designed to prevent a no-deal Brexit:

Julian Cox, Head of Employment at innovative London law firm iLaw, said: “The uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues to cause a lot of issues for employers and while this legal challenge is an important attempt to raise the plight of low paid workers the Government continues to insist on leaving by the 31 October.

“There is a quickly emerging picture that the UK looks almost destined to face a no-deal Brexit at the end of this month, particularly if the latest rumours and comments from the EU and its leaders regarding the latest deal turn out to be true.

“Legal challenges such as these, whether successful or not, are sending an important message to the Government and lawmakers that the rights of employees must be respected, regardless of whether a deal is reached.

“I would think that in most cases employers themselves would want to maintain the majority of rights that have been created as part of our relationship with the EU, as they provide an effective workplace environment. They shouldn’t be eroded by a sudden withdrawal from existing agreements.

“Businesses and workers must begin to prepare immediately for the impact of a no-deal Brexit now ahead of time by reviewing their current arrangement to see how individuals and the business as a whole will be affected. They must seek advice and assistance immediately, especially if key workers ability to live and function is affected by the fallout.”