Online mediation
Remote mediation: the new normal?
Mediation has long been a highly useful dispute resolution option in the United Kingdom and beyond. With a neutral third
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Cryptocurrency is now acceptable as payment at iLaw
Payments in digital currencies now accepted at iLaw
iLaw, a cryptocurrency law firm in London with other corporate expertise, has started accepting payments for its legal services in
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Future Fund blog
Future Fund – a matched funding opportunity for innovative businesses
On May 20, the government launched another initiative designed to help small and medium-sized businesses against the effects of Covid-19,
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Statutory Residence Test changed to allow skilled workers from around the world to assist the UK’s coronavirus response
The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has written to the Treasury Select Committee, to inform it that the Statutory Residence Test (SRT)
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IPO continues to deal with applications despite “interrupted period”
The UK Intellectual Property Office has pledged to do everything it can to deal with trade mark and design applications
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Dealing with disputes during Coronavirus lockdown
The implications of Coronavirus are so wide-ranging that businesses could struggle to meet their contractual requirements, leading to disputes. At
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Rule changes mean holiday leave can be carried over to next two years
The Government has confirmed that existing rules around annual leave will be relaxed to allow workers who have not used
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What are the alternatives to Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme?
The Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been described as an “unprecedented” step to help employers subsidise their staff’s wages
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Employment law expert warns of Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme pitfalls
Employment lawyers at iLaw are calling on the Government to provide further guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)
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Alternatives to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
The Government’s recently launched Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been described as an “unprecedented” step to help employers subsidise their
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