ASDA workers’ equal pay case to be heard by the Supreme Court

Supermarket chain Asda is set to take its appeal against a court ruling to the UK’s highest Court of Appeal.

The Supreme Court has announced that they will consider Asda’s appeal against a Court of Appeal ruling that lower-paid shop staff can be compared to workers in the distribution centre for the purposes of equal pay.

The shop floor staff who are predominantly women argue that they should be paid equally to mainly-male distribution centre staff.

The ongoing case is one of the UK’s biggest ever equal pay cases, with claims being brought on behalf of 35,000 employees.

In January this year, the Court of Appeal ruled that the roles of shop workers could be compared to those of warehouse staff, upholding the rulings which had been made by an Employment Tribunal in 2016 and the Employment Appeal Tribunal in 2017.

Many of the UK’s other biggest supermarkets will have a keen focus on the result of this case, with similar cases being brought against Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and the Co-op, all of which will be impacted by this judgement.

It is thought that a ruling against these supermarket giants could cost the industry more than £8 billion in payments to eligible staff.

No official date has been set for the hearing.