A quarter of employees question how their firm handles bullying and harassment

According to the latest research, a quarter of employees believe that their company doesn’t deal with bullying and harassment in an appropriate manner.

The report published by the CIPD found that 15 per cent of workers have experienced bullying in the last three years, yet more than half of those people did not formally report it.

As a result, the CIPD is urging businesses to train managers to handle conflicts in a more appropriate manner.

In addition, the research found that approximately 4 per cent of employees said that they had been sexually harassed in the last three years, with the CIPD stating that the problem is ‘stubborn’.

The CIPD is calling for firms to embrace a ‘speak-up culture’ with a complaints procedure that is thorough and well-publicised.

The report emphasises that managers should be aware that certain issues can be resolved informally, but that each case must be considered individually as to whether a more formal approach is required.